Regenecoll REGENECOLL+ The Glow Programme - Mixed Flavours


The 8 Week Glow Programme

Each box contains a mixture of sachets and supplements

Two supplement flavours

£1.43 per day 

10,000mg of Collagen per day

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REGENECOLL+ The Glow Programme - Mixed Flavours

Get Glowing with REGENECOLL+.

With the Glow Programme you'll receive an 8 weeks supply of 10,000mg of hydrolysed marine collagen per day across a mix of water soluble sachets and our delicious Red Fruit & Yogurt and Orange & Dark Chocolate flavoured supplements. 

Our study has shown that used daily, over an 8 week period, 10,000mg of our marine collagen can increase skin hydration by an average of 34%. You could also benefit from strength in your hair and nails and a positive effect on your overall wellbeing. So what are you waiting for? Let's Glow!

REGENECOLL+ and The Glow Programme makes boosting your collagen intake easy! Included in The Glow Program are 28 one a day delicious supplements and 56 two a day sachets. That's 10,000mg of collagen, everyday, for 8 weeks! Mix and match either a supplement a day or two sachets a day - which ever works best for you on a day to day basis! 

The REGENECOLL+ supplements are a tasty way to super boost your collagen intake containing less than 100 calories, only 2g of fat and less than 4g of sugar, and the sachets are 100% soluble so you can simply stir them into a glass of water and wait to see it disappear. To ensure REGENECOLL+ fits into your daily routine you can take two sachets together if you like and in any drink or meal. Mix your REGENECOLL+ powder with your coffee, or even into a smoothie or a curry! 


Why Collagen supplementation?

After the age of 25 we break down more collagen than we produce. This results in a loss of skin tone and elasticity which show as fine lines or wrinkles. By the age of 45, 30% of the body's collagen stores are gone.


Why Marine Collagen? 

REGENECOLL+ contains the hydrolysed version of TYPE 1 marine collagen, a collagen which has been proven to enable the body to absorb 1.5 times more efficiently than those from bovine (beef) or porcine (pig) sources. The major advantage of marine collagen is that it has a particular high content of the amino acids glycine, proline and hydroxyproline. What does that mean???? Well basically, these amino acids stimulate cells in the skin, bones and connective tissues and leads to the production of new collagen.



It delivers a daily boost of 10,000mg of pure natural fish collagen peptide from high quality wild cod, harvested from the crystal clear waters of the North Atlantic Ocean.

Studies have shown that used daily, over an 8 week period, 10,000mg can increase skin tone, strength in hair and nails and have a positive affect on your overall wellbeing.

Get Glowing with The Glow Program! 

Top Tips From Feedback

Through our pre-launch trials there have been some good user tips for our Sachets>>>>>


  • Sachets - They are 100% soluble. However, make sure you give it time. Pour the contents into 200-300ml of water and give it a gentle stir for about 30 seconds and then let it sit for another 30 seconds. Repeat stiring and you will find 100% soluble. 

  • The sachet is flavourless - it won't change the taste of anything. Some people say they can smell fish but taste nothing. If that concerns you don't worry....See next point>>>>

  • Have your sachets in your coffee or on your porridge or cereal. Some said,  put the collagen in first with the coffee then add water. I prefer throwing it in (especially from a coffee shop). 

  • You can also add cordial to water or put the collagen in smoothies. You decide how you want to take it, you will be fine!



Fact #84v1400

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body, found in the bones, muscles, skin, and tendons.

84 Regenecoll+ supplements is equal to 1400 collagen tablets